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MARCH 2019 

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Carolyn Burns, MD

Tiffany Hall, RN
Associate Editor

Sherri Ozawa, RN
Kevin Wright

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Allison Jones, PhD, RN 

Becky Rock, RN

James Brown, MHA, CCP, LP

Seth Perelman, MD, FASA

Keck PBM Steering Committee 

Larry Burns, FACHE

Tamara Glover, MSc, CPHQ (on behalf of WA State Hospital Association) 

Carmen Melseth

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News & Events

Consensus Statement on Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution

As SABM members we strive to implement PBM a multi-disciplinary patient centered evidence-based approach to minimize or eliminate the need for allogeneic transfusion.  One of many techniques to minimize RBC loss during surgeries, and preserve autologous platelets and coagulation factors, is the use of acute normovolemic hemodilution (ANH). Despite a long history of theoretical benefits, the literature varies regarding its efficacy in reducing allogeneic transfusions or improving morbidity and mortality. Several major professional societies endorse its consideration in patients at high risk for excessive bleeding, however they do not offer specific guidelines or standards for ANH implementation.

In October, 2017, SABM sponsored a meeting of international experts in Dublin, Ireland to systematically review the current literature on ANH; the goal was to develop guidelines and implementation strategies for its use in high risk surgeries including cardiopulmonary bypass- related procedures. The panel consisted of representatives from anesthesiology, cardiac surgery, perfusion and experts in PBM, with the goal to reduce the variable application of ANH based on the evidentiary review of the literature and expert consensus. Members from SABM attending the conference were: Aryeh Shander MD, Pierre Tibi MD, Seth Perelman MD, James Brown CCP, Sherri Ozawa RN, as well as international experts, Jens Meier MD, Marc Licker MD, and Phillipe Van der Linden MD. The panel is in the process of developing ANH consensus statements based on the RAND-Delphi methodology which will delineate indications, treatment recommendations, efficacy and contraindications to this PBM technique. We look forward to the findings of this expert panel and its distribution to the SABM membership.

James Brown, MHA, CCP, LP

Seth Perelman, MD, FASA


For approximately 7 years, SABM has been coordinating an important study entitled “Noninvasive and continuous hemoglobin monitoring for surgical blood management” (NACHO).  This multicenter, multinational study is designed to determine the impact of the above technology in the frequency/quantity of blood transfusion in surgical patients. Dr. Aryeh Shander has been the Principal Investigator of this study since its inception. Noninvasive hemoglobin monitoring (SpHB) is an important and effective tool in measuring and analyzing in real time the trends in  hemoglobin levels. Many clinicians consider this type of monitoring as having distinct advantages in delivering patient care as opposed to “traditional” invasive hematology analysis in the laboratory setting.  Several studies have established the accuracy of SpHB and its positive impact on transfusion- related decisions and blood conservation. However, SABM has been able to use its unique connections and ability to design and coordinate a study that looks at its use across large surgical populations. Sites for this study include a number of acute care hospitals in the United States, Japan, France and Italy.

Sherri Ozawa, RN

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