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The Society for the Advancement of Patient Blood Management (SABM) is an international association of professionals, dedicated to the advancement of Patient Blood Management (PBM) as a standard of care for all patients. As a network of excellence, SABM promotes evidence-based, high-quality practice in PBM and Blood Health, and it supports this through administrative practice standards, clinical guidelines, practical resources, educational programming, and more.

SABM members are comprised of multidisciplinary health care professionals who support the practice and the advancement of PBM in a variety of ways. SABM members include global leaders in PBM, as well as those new to the field.

SABM membership offers the opportunity for professional learning, networking, mentorship, and more. Partner with SABM today to embrace all the resources that SABM has to offer to you and your hospital or healthcare institution.

SABM offers Individual and Hospital Affiliate memberships. SABM Membership runs from January 1 to December 31. To learn more about each membership category, including criteria, fees, and how to register, click the link next to each membership type:

  • Individual (Active, Industry, Corresponding, Emeritus, Student/, Physician Resident), click here.
  • Hospital Affiliate membership information (Standard or Premium), click here.
  • Organizational Affiliate Program membership information, click here.

Member Benefits

To learn more about the benefits of joining SABM, download our membership brochure. Some of the highlights include:


Because SABM is a highly regarded, global leader in the field of PBM, SABM members are likewise recognized for their association and contribution to advancing this important field of medicine. Membership in SABM is exemplary of one’s commitment to evidence based PBM care, and to the safety and empowerment of patients.  SABM members are recognized as champions in PBM through their development, promotion, and practice of high-quality, patient-centered practice.

Continuing Education

Knowledgeable, competent, and highly skilled healthcare professionals are the backbone of effective PBM programs, and SABM supports this by producing and promoting high-quality PBM education.

The SABM Annual Meeting is a primary educational event, with learning objectives centered on the latest science and best practices in PBM. The SABM PBM Certificate Course is a comprehensive, multi-module program for new PBM practitioners, and for those wanting to expand their knowledge and skill sets. SABM also offers access to practical resources/tools for PBM programs (e.g.: Anemia management algorithms, other protocols/guides), and additional educational events (e.g.: webinars, etc.).

SABM Members receive free access to practical tools/resources, and tuition discounts to the Annual Meeting and PBM Certificate Course.

Networking and Mentorship

SABM Members have the opportunity to work with colleagues who share the same interest and vision in advancing PBM practice. SABM collaborates with many other organizations in which to advance PBM, and it strives for an interdisciplinary approach within its various projects, committees, and workgroups—participating in these opportunities allows members the chance to learn and work alongside colleagues from nearby, and from around the world.

The SABM Mentorship Program is also a benefit of membership, offering the opportunity for personal and professional growth. For details about the Mentorship Program, click here

Website and Communications

Members receive access to the latest developments in PBM research and practice through various communications, including the ‘SABM Scoop’, the quarterly Newsletter, access to past Annual Meeting presentations and abstracts, and more.

Members also have access to SABM’s online database of other individual and hospital-based affiliate members, allowing increased opportunities to connect with and collaborate with others.

Project and Research Opportunities

SABM maintains a process for its leadership to review and consider support for various projects and/or initiatives, and members are invited to submit proposals for consideration. Members are invited to initiate or support projects that advance the Society’s strategic goals, and this might be achieved by participating in any of the following committees:

  • Annual Meeting Planning
  • Communications
  • Membership and Mentorship
  • Resource Development Workgroup

For additional information about SABM Membership, download the brochure: Join Us! SABM Membership