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SABM 2024 Annual Meeting
Phoenix, AZ
September 12 – 14, 2024

We are excited to invite you to join our SABM Annual Meeting next year in September 2024 in Phoenix, AZ, USA. The program will be rich with content that reinforces the clinical importance of Patient Blood Management (PBM), in line with the new Global Definition of PBM which emphasizes optimizing the care of our patients’ own blood as a renewable and vital resource, with the goal of improving safety and outcomes. Presentations and content from global PBM experts will expand our comprehension of how PBM, an urgent international public health initiative, can be promoted and implemented, with critical social, economic, and clinical implications. By doing so, we can improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. Our target audience includes a range of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals, including but not limited to physicians, nurses, perfusionists, laboratorians, administrators, clinical quality and safety specialists, and patient advocates. There will be outstanding opportunities for collaboration, networking, and mentorship connections. Our meeting attendance reflects our diverse membership, and we warmly welcome you to join us.


If you attended the 2023 Annual Meeting you received an email with details on how to view the presentations and the sync-to-slide videos. If you need any assistance, please contact [email protected].

If you were unable to join us in Nashville but don’t want to miss the wonderful presentations, you can participate virtually and hear the speakers while you watch their presentations.

Register for the Virtual 2023 SABM Annual Meeting here.

Registration Costs: 

Physician / Executive / Emeritus / Honorary  $650

Allied Health / Individual Affiliate  $550

Student / Resident / Technologist  $300 

Physician / Executive  $850

Allied Health / Individual Affiliate / Industry Rep  $750

Student / Resident / Technologist  $500 

SCHEDULE - What is Included 

President‘s Address

Comprehensive PBM Tops the Charts - Implementation Science

  • SABM Advancement of PBM Nursing Specialty
  • Building a Blood Health Program: Let Me Be Your Nurse Guide
  • Data and Metrics for Patient Blood Management: A Practical Guide
  • An International Survey of Patient Blood Management Practices

Global Glimpse of Advancement of PBM

  • Engaging the Patient in Their Own Blood Health
  • Walking the Path: Experience of PBM Implementation in Middle Income Countries
  • How PBM Around the World is Facing its Challenges

Liver Let Live

  • Thrombosis & Bleeding in the Cirrhotic Patient
  • Liver Transplant Without Blood

Best Practices in Cardiac Surgery

  • A Cardiac Surgeon’s Practice Includes the Management of Anemia Prior to Surgery Scheduling
  • Technics, Benefits & Perils of Modifying Extracorporeal Circuit to Minimize Hemodilution & Bleeding
  • Is Pharmacologic Replacement of Hemostatic Factors Safe in the Setting of Cardiopulmonary Bypass?
  • Complex Case Discussion Panel

Keynote Presentation

  • Oral Anticoagulants=Tyrannosaurus Rex: How Left Atrial Appendage Closure in Atrial Fibrillation Patients are Rendering Oral Anticoagulants Obsolete
  • Highly Complex Bloodless Cardiac Surgery

Improving Obstetrics with PBM

  • Management of Anemia in Pregnancy
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage & the Use of Cell Salvage in Cesarean Delivery

A Deeper Dive into Blood Health

  • Overview of 2021 Guidelines on the Diagnosis of Von Willelbrand Disease (VWD)
  • Neuromodulation to Regulate Hemostasis

Weekend Update

  • PBM in Hematology/Oncology
  • Hemostatic Agents for Traumatic Bleeding in Damage Control Surgery

NATA/SABM Joint Session

  • European Trauma Treatment Guidelines 2023 6th Edition
  • The HiFIT Study: Hip Fracture Iron and TXA
  • Neurocognitive Consequences of Iron Deficiency on the Fetus

ASA/SABM Joint Session

  • Balancing Risks of Allogeneic Transfusions
  • Perioperative Management of Patients with Bleeding Disorders
  • Is Whole Blood as Good as it Sounds
  • Why is Iron Deficiency Not Just an Anemia Problem

Food for Thought or Thought for Food: You Are What you Eat

  • Two “Whys” on the Management of Iron Deficiency: Relevance of the Ret-He and Dietary Optimization
  • Hold the Nuts Please: Food Allergies and Allergic Transfusion Reactions