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PBM has significantly reduced average length of stay by 12.7-33%.1

Leahy et al 2017, LaPar 2013, Kotze 2012, Moskowitz 2010, Reddy 2009, Brevig 2009, Ferraris 2007, Wong 2007, Ghiglione 2007, Freedman 2007, Martinez 2007, DeAnda 2006, Freedman 2005, Pierson 2004, Kourtzis 2004, Morgan 2004, Slappendel 2003, Van der Linden 2001, Helm 1998
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Restricting I/V iron coverage leads to higher costs and poorer clinical outcomes. Advocate for expanded MAC Inclusion Criteria.2
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Approximately 44% of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3 or 4 are anemic.3
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Phlebotomy blood loss for a patient may exceed an average of 40mL per day in critical care units.4

What is Patient Blood Management (PBM)?

Patient Blood Management (PBM) is the timely application of evidence-based medical and surgical concepts designed to maintain hemoglobin concentration, optimize hemostasis and minimize blood loss in an effort to improve patient outcome.

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      The SABM Research Grant, supported by an educational grant from HemoSonics, LLC, is intended to advance the field of patient blood management by supporting an investigator who intends to study methods of advancing the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patient blood management-related issues or concepts. The grant provides starter funding to further scientific inquiry and clinical knowledge in the field.

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      Executive Corner


      "As an administrator, you don’t often have something presented to you that improves patient safety, improves clinical outcomes, quality of care -- and also saves money. And that’s exactly what a PBM program does.” - Larry Burns, FACHE, SABM Advisory Director

      The SABM Executive Guide shows you how and why you should implement a PBM Program at your hospital.

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      Patient Resources

      Anemia Tract

      Anemia is a condition that indicates there are not enough red blood cells in your circulation to transport sufficient amounts of oxygen to your body’s tissues. Oxygen acts like fuel—it provides energy for your muscles and organs to work. With anemia, other body systems have to compensate to deliver an adequate amount of oxygen to the tissues. For example, the heart beats faster and breathing becomes more rapid as the lungs take in air. Download the patient and healthcare consumer guide Anemia Treatment Strategies You Should Know to learn more.