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SABM Executive Guide for Patient Blood Management Programs

Author: SABM




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Who is SABM? Evidence,  Education, and  Outcomes

Author: SABM

General and membership information brochure for United States individuals and hospitals

SABM is a multi disciplinary, multispecialty clinical organization comprised of the global leaders in Patient Blood Management (PBM). SABM encourages healthcare professionals from the US and around the world to join us as members. SABM also has a robust hospital affiliate program which offers healthcare institutions and systems valuable benefit packages which includes direct access to US and International PBM clinical and administrative leaders.

For information about SABM and individual membership or hospital affiliation, please download an informative brochure here:

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Free Download (epub)

For individuals and hospitals/institutions from outside the USA, please download here:
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Free Download (epub)

A Patient's Guide to Patient Blood Management

Author: SABM

Free Download

pre-operative conversation and planning guide for patients and their clinical providers about Patient Blood Management strategies appropriate for their care.

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Can be licensed for user to add their logo and contact information.  Email for more information.


Anemia Prevention and Management Program Implementation Guide

Author: SABM and The Society for Hospital Medicine

The Anemia Prevention and Management Implementation Guide is the result of a joint collaboration between SABM and The Society for Hospital Medicine. It is estimated that one third of the world’s population suffers from anemia. In hospitalized patients, the presence of anemia is an independent risk factor for a host of unfavorable outcomes, yet it Is often ignored or overlooked. Early detection and treatment can reduce risk and improve the health status of patients. This guide provides a framework for hospital based anemia management quality improvement projects, resulting in better quality care at reduced cost.

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Emerging Evidence on Anemia, Transfusion, Intravenous Iron and Patient Outcomes: The Case for Expanded Coverage of Intravenous Iron

Author: SABM

SABM wins first step with CMS at the National Government Services for policy changes to help facilitate expanded coverage on the use of Intravenous iron as an outpatient anemia management strategy.

SABM has created an educational campaign to increase awareness about current issues regarding the treatment restrictions for anemia. This campaign includes a background presentation “SABM Call for CMS Coverage of Anemia Treatment”, a slide presentation provided to CMS “SABM Call for CMS Coverage of IV Iron” and a Sample letter for MAC healthcare providers interested in affecting change of the policy restrictions (LCD’s) administered by their local Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC’S).

SABM encourages you to use this free downloadable material to get informed and educate others to improve the care of so many patients affected by anemia.

SABM Call for CMS Coverage of Anemia Treatment

SABM Call for CMS Coverage of IV Iron

Sample Letter for MAC

Administrative and Clinical Standards for Patient Blood Management Programs 4th Edition

Author: SABM

Free Download

  • Foreword
  • Standard 1: Leadership and Program Structure
  • Standard 2: Consent Process and Patient Directives
  • Standard 3: Blood Administration Safety
  • Standard 4: Review and Evaluation of the Patient Blood Management Program
  • Standard 5: Transfusion Guidelines and Peer Review of Transfusions
  • Standard 6: Preoperative Anemia Evaluation and Readiness for Surgery
  • Standard 7: Perioperative Autologous Blood Collection for Administration
  • Standard 8: Blood Loss Associated with Surgery, Procedures and Underlying Medical Conditions, including Antithrombotic Therapy, Antiplatelet Therapy and Coagulopathy
  • Standard 9: Antithrombotic Therapy, Antiplatelet Therapy and Coagulopathy
  • Standard 10: Massive Hemorrhage Protocol
  • Standard 11: Management of Anemia in Hospitalized Patients
  • Standard 12: Management of Anemia in Non-surgical Outpatient
  • Standard 13: Patient Blood Management for Pediatric Patients
  • References

Diagnostic Testing in Patient Blood Management Programs

Author: SABM

Anemia in the Pre-Surgical Patient

Author: SABM

Transfusion Overuse Brochure

Author: SABM

Quality Guide to the Administrative and Clinical Standards for Patient Blood Management Programs

Author: SABM

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As patient blood management becomes increasingly recognized as in important contributor to improved outcomes, cost savings, and patient safety, many institutions seek guidance in implementing comprehensive, quality programs. SABM, as the only professional organization whose full focus is on patient blood management, has created the comprehensive standards for such programs. They can be downloaded here. To effectively measure program quality and compliance with standards, SABM is proud to offer a newly published Quality Guide for each of the 13 SABM Standards. This valuable guide is designed to assist those practitioners and institutions that seek to establish a formal organization-wide PBM program to align their quality improvement programs using the framework of the SABM Standards. This guide can be downloaded as a PDF for a nominal fee of $100 for members or $125 for non-members.

Anemia: Treatment Strategies You Should Know

Author: SABM

Free Download

A patient and healthcare consumer guide to understanding anemia with an overview of treatment options.

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