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We build thriving research communities

by promoting new research activities, strengthening existing research, and facilitating additional resources, ideas, and calls for collaboration. New concepts for research projects or requests for collaboration may be sent to any Research Committee member listed below. All members are encouraged to participate.

Eloa Adams, MD [email protected]
Oshuare Aregbeyen, MD [email protected]
Neil Blumberg MD [email protected]
Jill Cholette, MD [email protected]
Steven Frank MD [email protected]
Sheldon Goldstein, MD [email protected]
Susan Goobie, MD susan.g[email protected]
Heather Mingo RN [email protected]
Surender Rajasekaran, MD [email protected]
Bradford Ray, RABT [email protected]
Barbara Steel, MD [email protected]
Stacey L. Valentine, MD, MPH [email protected]