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SABM featured on Quantia MD

SABM has teamed up with Quantia MD, the largest social learning and collaboration platform for physicians to offer segments on Patient Blood Management. 

The most recent video, released in Fall of 2017, discusses Preventing Unnecessary Blood Loss in the Hospital.  This video is hosted by Dr. Carolyn Burns, Pathologist, Patient Blood Management Physician, located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Click here to view Dr. Burns's PBM video

This PBM video, released in Spring of 2017, discusses Anemia in Hospitalized Patients.  This video is hosted by Dr. Benjamin Hohmuth, Associate Chief Medical Information Officer and Director, Patient Blood Management of Geisinger Health System, located in Danville, Pennsylvania.

Click here to view Dr. Hohmuth’s PBM video

This PBM video, which was released in Summer of 2016, discusses Informed Choice in Patient Blood Management and Bloodless Care, hosted by Dr. Lois Sakorafas, Founder, Bloodless Care Specialists.

Click here to view Dr. Lois Sakorafas PBM video

The first PBM video, released in Spring of 2015, is a comprehensive overview of Patient Blood Management, hosted by Dr. Patricia Ford, Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Click here to view Dr. Ford’s PBM video

Stay tuned for additional SABM/Quantia PBM videos.