SABM 2020 Annual Meeting - Call for Topics

Annual Meeting 2020

The theme for the SABM 2020 Annual Meeting is Hitting the Jackpot: Everyone Wins with Patient Blood Management!

Do you have a suggestion for a topic and/or speaker? If so, we'd like to hear from you. Please complete the topic proposal form in Word or PDF and submit to for review.

Due date: Monday, January 20, 2020

About the Event

SABM is holding its 19th Annual Meeting on September 10-12, 2020 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to its popularity, the SABM Patient Blood Management (PBM) Certificate Course with Exam will be offered on September 9, 2020.

These events are packed with what industry professionals need to know.

The SABM Annual Meeting is an ideal opportunity for the PBM industry to market its products and services to SABM’s multidisciplinary members. Learn more about sponsor and exhibitor opportunities here.

SABM lectures at InCor Hospital System in São Paolo, Brazil


Pierre Tibi, MD, SABM President, and Sherri Ozawa RN, SABM President-elect, recently traveled to the InCor Hospital System in São Paolo, Brazil, to deliver a series of educational lectures on the implementation of a comprehensive Patient Blood Management program in a Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgery setting. InCor is the largest hospital system in Latin America, and has comprehensive medical services including adult and pediatric heart transplant and other advanced medical and surgical cardiac procedures. Blood transfusion is a challenging issue in Latin America, with both supply and cost issues. InCor recognizes that a comprehensive Patient Blood Management strategy leads to increased efficiency, safety, and outcomes.

SABM Response to ICC-PBM Press Release on March 22, 2019

We are glad that Patient Blood Management is receiving attention, HOWEVER,

  • Actual Patient Blood Management Organizations were not invited or included – (e.g. SABM, NATA, and IFPBM (International Foundation of PBM)).
  • Funding sources are unclear.
  • PBM is PATIENT-centered, not transfusion-centered and focuses on the Patient’s blood, not donor blood.
  • PBM is a BUNDLE of care, not one specific therapeutic intervention and cannot and should not be compared to transfusion in the manner described in the paper.
  • Absence of RCT’s in PBM does not equate with a lack of evidence.
  • Many hospitals are implementing PBM initiatives - with positive measurable results - in response to published data.
  • We have concern that these purported “weak” recommendations will diminish advancement in the field which lead to improved patient outcomes.

ICC-PBM article: JAMA. 2019;321(10):983-997. doi:10.1001/jama.2019.0554.

SABM Online PBM Certificate Course - Now Available

Physicians, nurses and other healthcare personnel looking to grow their knowledge and skills in Patient Blood Management -- from ethics to advanced techniques -- should consider enrolling in the new online course.

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Choosing Wisely® Now Includes SABM’s Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question

choose wisely

SABM is proud to partner with Choosing Wisely, an initiative of the ABIM Foundation that seeks to advance a national dialogue on avoiding unnecessary medical tests, treatments and procedures.

Download Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question and place in waiting or exam rooms, or give to patients as handouts to educate them about overuse.