SABM offers a wide variety of Patient Blood Management educational opportunities.

Annual Meeting

The SABM Annual Meeting delivers the latest science, best practices, and networking opportunities. This event is held in September of each year and offers accreditation for physicians, perfusionists, nurses, and laboratory personnel. Learn more.

PBM Certificate Course

The SABM Patient Blood Management Certificate Course with Exam provides participants with the knowledge and tools needed for those working in the field of PBM. This course was created by recognized clinical experts in the field of PBM. Whether you are a physician, nurse, perfusionist, advocate, or administrator, this course offers administrative guidance, PBM program principles, clinical concepts, and best practice applications. Learn more.

SABM PBM Online Training Course for Sales Professionals

Purpose: To orient sales teams and healthcare professionals who are providing indirect patient care to an overview of PBM guiding principles, clinical concepts, and give administrative guidance and performance improvement measures for hospital-based PBM Programs.

Module One features the four essential elements to PBM: 1) Optimizing Coagulation, 2) Interdisciplinary Blood Conservation Modalities, 3) Managing Anemia, and 4) Patient-Centered Decision Making.

Module Two provides a high-level overview of operationalizing PBM in a hospital-based environment as a quality and process improvement project.