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Posting Fees

The minimum service fee is $225 (net) for fewer than 100 words. Over that, each additional group of words up to 25 is another $25. There is no reduction in the fee if there is a request to run the ad for less than 60 days on the website.

Word Count Cost

  • 1 - 99: $225
  • 100 - 125: $250
  • 126 - 150: $275
  • 151 - 175: $300
  • 176 - 200: $325
  • 201 - 225: $350

Institutions/companies looking for employees can post an ad here for 60 days for a fee. The website is updated weekly, and ads are usually posted within a week after they are received.

Members of SABM may place a Position Wanted ad for themselves free of charge as a benefit of membership. The Position Wanted ad will appear on the website for 60 days.

If you have any questions or wish to post an ad, please contact the Executive Office. A copy of the ad must be faxed or emailed and include the name and address of the person who is to receive the invoice.

*We do not accept display ads, logos or art. Postings appear as classified line ads. You cannot post an ad directly to the website; you must email or fax the ad to SABM. SABM does not offer job placement services. Those seeking employment are responsible for contacting employers directly.

Available Positions

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
Job Type: RN
Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center
Job Type: RN
Oregon Health & Sciences University
Job Type: RN

Seeking Position

No postings at this time.