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Kathleen J. Sazama Award Winner

Congratulations to our 2016 Kathleen J. Sazama Award Winner

Nathaniel Isonguyo Usoro, MD

Sherri Ozawa, RN, Pierre Tibi, MD, Nabil Hassan, MD and Nathaniel Usoro, MD

(left to right:  Sherri Ozawa, RN, Pierre Tibi, MD, Nabil Hassan, MD and Nathaniel Usoro, MD)

Dr Usoro can be described as the Nigerian pioneer of the belief that transfusions were crucial in Trauma Surgery. He has been responsible for introducing this to Nigeria, at the University of Calabar.  This was done in view of significant opposition from superiors and peers in the profession, however many years down the line, he has provided an evidence-based case for Bloodless Medicine in Nigeria and indeed raised significant questions about the efficacy of transfusions on a generic basis. Dr Usoro work is based on pure scientific motivation and principle.

About the SABM Kathleen J. Sazama Award

This award is created In recognition of Dr. Sazama’s bold insights in the field of medical ethics, her selfless dedication to the fostering of individual growth, her steadfast and responsible stewardship through change, and her tireless leadership in the field of patient blood management.

The recipient will have:

  • Exemplified the high standards and qualities set by its namesake
  • Demonstrated commitment to patient rights, autonomy, and informed choice
  • Shown strength of character to lead with progressive evidence based thinking, even if contrary to popular belief
  • Selflessly served with the well-being of the patient as the ultimate goal
  • Demonstrated consistent dedication to progress in the field of patient blood management

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